Women is about what’s underneath that matters most. Mental strength helps to be resilient against challenges and changes in the different phases of life. Being Productive, Optimistic, Proud and a Fear tackler are attributes to achieve this.


Wilderness is a powerful floral journey. One of hope that the millions of children displaced worldwide will find safe and solid soil to bloom. It showcases beautiful flowers from around the world to symbolize the different kinds of love we all need, such as Devotion, Care, Sympathy, Passion, Reverence and Kindness.


Wardrobe contents changes over the years. Old clothes don’t fit us anymore, we need something for a special occasion or we’re influenced by trends like Stripes, Houndstooth, Color blocking, Logomania, Florals, Polka dots and Animal prints. But what happens with the pieces we get rid off?


Water shows our amazing world in the sea. This theme in combination with plastic says it all… We’re in troubled waters, This is what you do to me, You caught me by surprise, Stop covering your tracks and Don’t play with me are examples.


Winter is inspired by a unique part of our globe that feels far away. However, the effects of climate change happening there are so close as they affect us all. Titles like Be my wind of change, We can crack this, Stop wandering, Together we can mitigate this and You make me melt are bearing this message.

Whatever is what I’m working on now.